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Khilah Owens 

I am 24 years old , born & raised in Columbus, OH. I am a sister of 3 beautiful sisters. I enjoy tutoring , baking, swimming, helping develop kids, babysitting and just being able to help kids in a academic environment . 


I have been working with kids all my life lol I say that like its long. I’ve worked at licking heights elementary since I was 18 years old & have always had a passion for children. I have never felt like working with kids was a job or something hard. My favorite part with working with kids is watching them evolve . I call it “The ahhh moment “ when you continually go over things with a young scholar and their struggle with it then all of a sudden one day the light bulb goes off and they finally get it . That’s what I do it for . I’m very aware everyone doesn’t learn or  understand the same but that doesn’t mean you count them out . All it means is you change the way you teach it , give a little patience and show every child grace until they have their “ahhh moment". 

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Arin Owens

Hi Everyone !


My name is Arin Owens and  I ‘m currently a teachers assistant at Fruitful Trees Learning Center! I am a student at The Ohio State University pursuing a degree in Communications, a minor in Fashion & retail and business. I also coach volleyball at Olentangy High School. I have a passion for Decorating and styling. Oh and I love to eat! Here at FTLC there is never a dull moment and I can not wait to see what the future brings for me and the little ones. 

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Christian Owens

Hi there!


My name is Christian Owens and  I ‘ve been living the dream and  teaching for 10 years! I specialize in working with children with disabilities. I've recently made the switch from Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools to  Fruitful Trees Learning Center! I love what I do and am looking forward to teaching your kiddos!

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