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Preschool Program
(Ages 2.5 - 5 years old)

FTLC Preschool program provides early childhood education and care for children while assisting them in developing a range of skills that make them ready to learn when they start school, such as:

• Social skills: the ability to empathize and interact successfully with their peer group, and also relate easily to adults

• Language skills: the ability to have adequate language skills in order to benefit from experiences facilitating their cognitive, educational and social development

• Executive function skills: the ability to hold and manipulate information in the brain, plan and regulate one’s behaviour, problem-solve, and be creative

• Emotional self-regulation skills: the ability to adapt behaviours depending on the situation, to control impulses and to shift attention

• Self-regulation in learning skills: the ability to postpone immediate satisfaction to attain long-term goals, sustain attention, be persistent, and remain concentrated.

Emphasis in S.T.E.A.M - science, technology, engineering, arts & math
Not only the above skills but biblical principles are taught along with building good character to provide child with all needed to live a victorious life. 
Before & After School

FTLC Before & After school program provides educational assistance and care for children. Our highly trained staff works with students of all ages to improve their grades, gain academic confidence and emotional support; so they flourish in every area of their life. Whether your student is struggling in school or wants to ace an important test, our staff knows how to help.

Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, Vocabulary, and Phonics
Summer Camp
FTLC Day Camp helps children develop important social, emotional and cognitive skills. Children grow, explore and learn about themselves, the people, world around them and they have fun throughout the entire process. 


At FTLC Day Camp the children are engaged in: 

  • team building 

  • sports and emotional intelligence activities 

  • arts and crafts 

  • bike riding

  • journaling 

  • science projects 

  • reading 

  • learning bible stories 

  • prayer  

  • field trips (when permitted due to COVID-19)


The American Camp Association (ACA) is a community of camp professionals who have joined together, for over 100 years, to ensure the quality of camp programs. ACA provides education, resources and support for camp professionals and camp programs across the country and around the world. ACA also provides guidelines and standards for day and residential camps alike, to help ensure camps are providing safe, educational, and developmentally appropriate programs. These standards range from having adequate, working fire extinguishers and proper driver training to staff screening and camper to staff ratio requirements. In order to be an ACA accredited camp, a camp must provide written documentation that it upholds ACA policies and procedures, as well as pass an on-site visit where volunteer visitors see first-hand that ACA standards are being met. As ACA accredited camp programs, CFCC follows these guidelines, consistently upholds the standards and meets compliance as set forth by ACA.

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Summer Camp

June 10th - August 9th

*Camp cost is $190/per week. Additional activity/registration fee is a one-time $75.00 fee*
*Rates will vary for children with special educational needs; Meals are not provided | After care available for additional fee*

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